Başak Malone LLC is a boutique arts company based in NYC, specializing in the arts with a distinctive focus on international art projects, events and participation. The company operates in different business segments uniquely designed for the artists, art collectors, art travelers and creative industries. Basak Malone Limited Liability Company offers an array of services for you to develop new connections, experience art adventures and meet new clients internationally.

BasakMalone-ProfilePrior to starting Başak Malone LLC; Başak specialized in the representation of both emerging and established artists on an international scale and operated as a participant in the prompting of many unique cultural projects such as the first European Outsider Art Fair in Vienna.She combines her formal and conceptual approaches with intuitive capacities and vigorous teamwork.Some of her previous curatorial credits include, “Continue to Descend” featuring Jeff Koons; “Hotel” featuring Whitney McVeigh and “Lure” featuring Jane McAdam Freud.

Başak Malone Company has been curating and publishing The New Collectors Book since five years featuring emerging talent alongside well-established contemporary artists. We urge entities that wish to promote art to initiate contact with us at info@basakmalone.com and open dialog to discuss ways you can be involved.