Bridges to Anatolia

Başak Malone LLC plans and leads private art tours through a broad range of locations focusing in Turkey. Our personalized travel programs cater to your specific interests and needs. Our travel advisory services includes working with you to develop a detailed itinerary featuring the perfect mix of components for your destination. Thanks to our extensive network of professional consultants, we can assist you in the selection of a local art expert to guide you in most locale including art fairs such as İstanbul Biennial, Contemporary İstanbul and artists’ studio tours and topics including ceramic, craft & textile traditions and ancient civilizations of Mesopothamia.
For a luxury experience, an art historian can travel with you to provide the personalized guidance through art museums and cultural monuments. Along the way, you will receive expedited and VIP-level access to art venues and events.

Ceramic Tour

Ceramic Tour 2015

Biennial Tour

Biennial Tour 2015

Painting Tour

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