Author: Brent Sanchez

The Onsite Sewage Facility

There are many diseases that are spread via contact with either untreated sewage or even that which is inadequately treated. Some of them include amoebic dysentery, bacillary dysentery, typhoid, cholera, poliomyletis, shigelosis, hepatitis etc. Onsite sewage facilities are capable of treating domestic sewage to a very high of quality. When an onsite sewage facility is

New Collectors Body

 Başak Malone LLC Türk sanatcılarının ve tasarımcılarının uluslararası platformda tanınmasına yeri doldurulamayacak bir destek vermeyi amaçlamaktadır. Başak Malone ve LLC sirketi on beş yıla yakın bir süredir düzenli olarak New York’da, Çin’de ve Avrupa’da sanat projeleri gerçekleştirmektedir. Gerek tüzel gerekse bireysel olarak tüm iş adamı ve koleksiyoncuları bizimle işbirliği kurmak üzere diyalog açmaya teşvik ediyoruz.

Bridges to Anatolia

Başak Malone LLC plans and leads private art tours through a broad range of locations focusing in Turkey. Our personalized travel programs cater to your specific interests and needs. Our travel advisory services includes working with you to develop a detailed itinerary featuring the perfect mix of components for your destination. Thanks to our extensive

New York Gallery Tours

Given more than 1,500 art galleries operating in New York City and the time you have at hand, we schedule a tour for you to get the most mileage. We offer tours in collaboration with licensed guides to assist you in visiting leading galleries, and discovering treasures in Soho, Tribeca, Chelsea, The Village, Lower East

Art Fairs and Exhibitions

Başak Malone LLC presents artists including excellent freshman, mid-career and mature and well-established artists alike, in notable art fairs. For art fair projects you can submit examples of work for consideration .

New Collectors Book

The New Collectors Book aims to become an art archive to be treasured as a reference book. We believe that contemporary art has an essential value in people’s lives, offering multiple reflections on how we live and how our futures might be constructed, furthermore hopefully inspiring and awakening us to be creative and free human


Basak Malone LLC is a boutique arts PR Company based in NYC, specifically focused on international arts projects and events. We promote artists mainly through exhibitions, publications, film and the internet and concentrate on secondary market and consulting. We are also happy to custom draft and realize projects specific to an artist. We work with