“The Smile That Lasts A Mile” by Viggo Salting

Basak Malone LLC is pleased to announce the up-coming solo exhibition by Viggo Salting, September 1-15; 2012 at Ward Nasse Gallery, NYC.
Salting’s children’s book series “A Smile That Lasts A Mile” will be released to the public in conjunction with this exhibit.

Ward Nasse Gallery will host a book signing at the opening reception date September 1st, at 4:00-6:00 pm.

The celebration will include children’s activities, refreshments and the opportunity to hear the author read his book and share his inspiration.

“Synesthesia” A Solo Exhibition by Tove Hellerud

Basak Malone LLC is pleased to present Tove Hellerud.

“Art is a portal leading into the oblivious”, the Norwegian abstract expressionist Hellerud once said. And it is true. Hellerud explains her work as whispers, whispers that make the viewers listen. Even though the colours and techniques used by Hellerud are very interesting and perfectly applied, one of the most important part of her work is storytelling.

Every painting plays a part, as paragraphs, in a larger story, told as a continuous stream of paintings. The story, in her abstract work, is not only her story, but also our story. Hellerud’s mission in this part of the process is to get us to remember our own stories. She makes it possible for us to relate to her work. Hellerud is trained to paint figurative, but the abstract expression is suitable to convey what she wants. The form, colour and composition along with a combination of different techniques make a fascinating dynamic expression. With a background in fabric and sculpture, stretching of the materials boundaries is an important element. She plays with the two dimensional shape of the painting and gives it a sense of space that you enter. This is the place were the silent material tells stories. Her background with fabric is seen in the multitude of different textures Every single image has it’s own journey, with emotion and precision. Creation and destruction is seen continuously as she creates new layers and cover up the joy, and the struggle pulls in to the observers body. The time taken to complete the paintings is clearly seen in this layering, sometimes in the thickness and structure of the paint. Time is also a great importance for Hellerud. For her time increase the quality and value of the work ,and give it quality. “My work belong to the abstract painting, with a multitude of possible variations, lyrical, geometrical, spontaneous, bimorf, thick layers or minimalistic”, Hellerud once said. The multitude of possible variations the paintings often increases with the viewers whose stories they tell. She works her way into the painting, and strive to give and imprint to the invisible. The word Synesthesia means “joined sensation” ,and it refers to an involuntary physical experience .It s about perception ,color , movement, shape, lines and lead us to impression ,and where art comes from, and how to discover it.