Upcoming Projects

  • New Collectors Book 2015 Edition on Amazon (Available on April 23rd, 2015)
  • Artist films and exhibition photography (Ongoing)
  • Painting Tour and Exhibition in Istanbul (July 22-August 1, 2015)
  • Istanbul Art Biennial tour (October 3-October 8, 2015)
  • Manhattan Art Gallery tours (Ongoing)
  • Manhattan, New Collectors tour to prominent auction houses (Ongoing)
  • New York Art Gallery Tours (Ongoing)
  • Art lovers’ Tour to Metropolitan Museum (New York-Ongoing)
  • Anatolia Ceramic Tour (January-February, 2016)
  • BM Agency @ Pier 94 / Expo New York, April 2016
  • Frieze Art Fair Tour 2016, New York
  • Commissioned Artist Book (Ongoing)
  • New Collectors Book, 2016 Edition (Releases in New York, May 2016)

Reservations required for all events and tours listed above.

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