Bridges to Anatolia

Başak Malone LLC plans and leads private art tours through a broad range of locations focusing in Turkey. Our personalized travel programs cater to your specific interests and needs. Our travel advisory services includes working with you to develop a detailed itinerary featuring the perfect mix of components for your destination. Thanks to our extensive network of professional consultants, we can assist you in the selection of a local art expert to guide you in most locale including art fairs such as İstanbul Biennial, Contemporary İstanbul and artists’ studio tours and topics including ceramic, craft & textile traditions and ancient civilizations of Mesopothamia.
For a luxury experience, an art historian can travel with you to provide the personalized guidance through art museums and cultural monuments. Along the way, you will receive expedited and VIP-level access to art venues and events.

Ceramic Tour

Ceramic Tour 2015

Biennial Tour

Biennial Tour 2015

Painting Tour

New York Gallery Tours

Given more than 1,500 art galleries operating in New York City and the time you have at hand, we schedule a tour for you to get the most mileage. We offer tours in collaboration with licensed guides to assist you in visiting leading galleries, and discovering treasures in Soho, Tribeca, Chelsea, The Village, Lower East Side, on 57th Street, and so on in Manhattan as well as alternative galleries in Brooklyn, Queens and the other boroughs. We also offer touring services with expert guides to pioneering art fairs such as Miami Art Basel, Armory and Frieze among others.

Art Fairs and Exhibitions

Başak Malone LLC presents artists including excellent freshman, mid-career and mature and well-established artists alike, in notable art fairs.

For art fair projects you can submit examples of work for consideration .


New Collectors Book

The New Collectors Book aims to become an art archive to be treasured as a reference book. We believe that contemporary art has an essential value in people’s lives, offering multiple reflections on how we live and how our futures might be constructed, furthermore hopefully inspiring and awakening us to be creative and free human beings.

The New Collectors Book operates as a showcase publication, dedicated to presenting a wide range of fine arts and providing an opportunity to appreciate select artworks for art world professionals as well as those who simply wish to enjoy and acknowledge art. We are happy in being able to feature emerging and outsider art along side well-established artists.

Each artist is represented by a 1/2 or full-page color page feature with stunning images and a biographical text that both explains the image and introduces the artist. The New Collectors Art Book is being published annually. We extend our thanks to all participating artists and venues.

New Collectors Body

Başak Malone LLC Türk sanatcılarının ve tasarımcılarının uluslararası platformda tanınmasına yeri doldurulamayacak bir destek vermeyi amaçlamaktadır. Başak Malone ve LLC sirketi on beş yıla yakın bir süredir düzenli olarak New York’da, Çin’de ve Avrupa’da sanat projeleri gerçekleştirmektedir.

Gerek tüzel gerekse bireysel olarak tüm iş adamı ve koleksiyoncuları bizimle işbirliği kurmak üzere diyalog açmaya teşvik ediyoruz.

Tüm destekleyici kurum ve kuruluşlar, üniversiteler, seçilmiş sanatçı ve dizaynerler “The New
Collectors Body”nin üyesi olup Başak Malone LLC’nin hizmetlerinden faydalanabilirler.


Basak Malone LLC is a boutique arts PR Company based in NYC, specifically focused on international arts projects and events. We promote artists mainly through exhibitions, publications, film and the internet and concentrate on secondary market and consulting. We are also happy to custom draft and realize projects specific to an artist. We work with a select group of artists on the development and progression of their presence in the global and international art community in collaboration with several other arts organizations, galleries and publishers.

Basak Malone LLC represents visual artists including painters, sculptors, photographers, and mixed media artists whose work is gaining an increasing level of recognition within the national and international art community. We collaborate with a diverse range of galleries and exhibition spaces who share our vision and focus on the presentation and promotion of painting, works on paper, sculpture, video and new media, photography, and multi-media installations.

We realize that the contemporary world now more than ever demand that we look to the art community for inspiration leading to the highest standards of thought and creative expression. In supporting important contemporary visual art, Basak Malone LLC aims to provide a forum which stimulates awareness and dialogue on the works of our clients and artists. With vigorous work getting the artist’s image out, our clientele is able grow much faster in terms of recognition. We have observed that the dialogue and forum that such recognition effects the growth of the work as well.


Prior to starting Basak Malone LLC; Basak Malone specialized in the representation of both emerging and established artists on an international scale. A former psychologist and filmmaker, she integrates her Eastern background in a Western context. Utilizing her experience, Malone has choreographed and organized dozens of global exhibitions and events that explore everything from the intersection of abstraction and figuration to the significance of high and low art. Her projects focus on artists who project an entirely different perspective within the cultural sphere of the art world. After a period spent as an arts research specialist, Malone began to develop various intercontinental projects where her thematic, conceptual and formal approaches were all fully employed. Some of her exhibitions include, “Continue to Descend” featuring Jeff Koons, “Hotel” featuring British artist Whitney McVeigh, “Lure” featuring Jane McAdam Freud. Malone has spearheaded many unique cultural projects, for example, the first European Outsider Art Fair in Vienna. She has also curated many shows in China.

Upcoming Projects

  • New Collectors Book 2015 Edition on Amazon (Available on April 23rd, 2015)
  • Artist films and exhibition photography (Ongoing)
  • Painting Tour and Exhibition in Istanbul (July 22-August 1, 2015)
  • Istanbul Art Biennial tour (October 3-October 8, 2015)
  • Manhattan Art Gallery tours (Ongoing)
  • Manhattan, New Collectors tour to prominent auction houses (Ongoing)
  • New York Art Gallery Tours (Ongoing)
  • Art lovers’ Tour to Metropolitan Museum (New York-Ongoing)
  • Anatolia Ceramic Tour (January-February, 2016)
  • BM Agency @ Pier 94 / Expo New York, April 2016
  • Frieze Art Fair Tour 2016, New York
  • Commissioned Artist Book (Ongoing)
  • New Collectors Book, 2016 Edition (Releases in New York, May 2016)

Reservations required for all events and tours listed above.




Basak Malone LLC is pleased to release the The New Collectors Book/2012 Edition to the public.

The New Collectors Book operates as a showcase publication dedicated to raising awareness for a range of fine arts. Providing an opportunity to appreciate a variety of artworks to both the art world professionals and to those who simply wish to enjoy and acknowledge art.
The New Collectors Book launch party will accompany a group exhibition featuring artists from the book.

The New Collectors Selection exhibition will feature:
Jan Banlenberg, Knut Peter-Hofffmann, Tommy Jensen, Bernadette Kirsten, Jean James, Boris Kacic, Alexandra Khan, Gaby Koeter, Yara Buyda, Gunilla Larsen, Reija Karjalaine​n, Gunilla Daga, Peter Drakö, Alexey Marroquin, Aase-Hilde Brekke, Maria Kisook Kim, Saskia Weishut , Barbara Palka Winek, Karin Sofia Ocaña, Eva Koethen, Charlotte Widmark, Eva Buchrainer, Swen Dudek, Dagmar Göğdün, Lorena Ulpiani, Asa Maria Hedberg, Eva Westman Linné , Bengt Johansson.

The New Collectors Selection exhibition will start January 7th, 2012 and continue until February 6th.
Basak Malone LLC will hold a reception party on January 7th, between 7-9 pm.